Schirmchendrink online fundraising campaign 


Schirmchendrink, Deep House Amsterdam and Atish raise money for Volunteers for Humanity, a Swiss Humanitarian Organization. Although it lost the focus in daily media reports, the humanitarian situation in Syria is still disastrous. Hospitals and schools are destroyed due to attacks during the civil war and basic supply is missing.

Over the last months Volunteers for Humanity collected tons of aid supplys for this cause. Help with a donation to safely transport the urgently required supplies to Syria!


On December 4th, the Swiss/Belgian online podcast, together with online electronic music magazine and San Francisco based DJ and producer Atish, will release a special Christmas Podcast “Cup of Hope”.


With a donation of your choice you’ll be able to download the mix including the tracklist .

Schirmchendrink online Spendeaktion 


Schirmchendrink, Deep House Amsterdam und Atish unterstützen gemeinsam das Schweizer Flüchtlingshilfswerk “Volunteers for Humanity” mit einer Online-Spendenaktion.

Die humanitäre Situation in Syrien nach wie vor katastrophal. Spitäler und Schulen wurden durch unmenschliche Angriffe im Bürgerkrieg zerstört. Aus diesem Grund sammelte Volunteers for Humanity über die letzten Monate tonnenweise Hilfsgüter. Mit Ihrer Spende helfen Sie mit, diese Güter rasch und sicher nach Syrien zu transportieren.


Am 4. Dezember veröffentlicht der schweizerisch-belgische Online-Podcast, zusamen mit dem Online-Magazin und dem amerikanischen DJ und Produzent einen speziellen Weihnachtspodcast „Cup of Hope“.


Mit einer Spende Ihrer Wahl erhalten Sie den Podcast zum Download inkl. Tracklist.


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People in Syria need our help!


The humanitarian situation in Syria is catastrophic: assaults led to an indescribable suffering, worse than anything witnessed so far in Syria’s brutal war. As hospitals and schools were targets of these assaults, people are left without any medical care or education.


The Cup of Hope campaign collects money to transport the urgently required aid supplies to Aleppo, Homs and the region of Latakia.


Every donation counts! 

Menschen in Syrien benötigen unsere Hilfe!


Die humanitäre Situation in Syrien ist katastrophal: zahlreiche Angriffe haben zu einem unbeschreiblichen Leiden der Zivilbevölkerung geführt. Da Spitäler und Schulen Ziele von Angriffen waren, sind die Hinterbliebenen ohne jegliche medizinische Versorgung bzw. Bildung.


Die Kampagne sammelt für die Finanzierung des Transportes der dringend benötigen Hilfsgüter nach Aleppo, Homs und Latakia.


Jede Spende zählt!

About Volunteers for Humanity


The organization provides aid supplies and medication to refugees stranded in camps at the European border. Volunteers for Humanity was founded by Marit Neukomm, 33 year old and mother of two kids, who won a Swiss “Woman of the Year” Award 2016 for her tireless commitment to help people in need.


About Atish


The Atish experience: dynamic, emotive, ecstatic. Yet it is more than the sounds emanating from the speakers, it is also the man behind the decks: warm, compassionate, inviting. He is an entertainer and a catalyst: a magician who mixes deep melodies and sophisticated rhythms into musical journeys.

About Schirmchendrink


Founded in 2015 by Floloco and Bigasti, two electronic music enthusiasts, the online podcast promotes deep and underground electronic music. The artist selection combined with the concept of cocktails representing DJ mixes hit the taste of a loyal and quickly growing community across the globe.


About Deep House Amsterdam


Deep House Amsterdam is the worlds premiere online electronic music magazine. The platform caters to the most engaged segment of electronic music lovers. It is comprised of editorial and streaming audio content that educates and converts new electronic music fans in over 200 countries/area’s daily.